DIY Colour Block Painting

Today I'm going to show you how I made this super awesome, easy-peasy colour block Painting. You will need: 1 Canvas Wall spackle White paint Paint brush or roller Painter's tape Krylon metallic gold spray-paint Varathane semi-gloss varnish When I first moved into my home, I wanted to get stuff up on the walls ASAP.  I love having art up to reflect more of my personality but since I didn't have the budget to buy super pricey pieces at the time, I opted to make some art myself. My eyes LOVE the combination of white and gold; there's something about the crisp, clean colour of white and the classic-chic warmth of gold that just makes me want to put it up on my walls, so that's what I did here.

 I decided to go with a square canvas, which I found at Jysk for $12. I wanted some texture on the painting so I just used a small container of wall Spackle that I had on hand. I love using wall spackle on my canvases because it goes on pink and turns white once it's dry so there's no risk of that touching-it-to-see-if-it's-dry-and-then-its-not-and-you've-left-a-finger-mark-in-your-painting-and-you're-like-"oops!" kind of thing happening.

I used a putty knife to apply the spackle in no particular direction. I wanted the texture to blend together nicely instead of looking like a bunch of parallel lines, so I kind of just improvised as I went. Once the texture was applied, I let it dry for a few hours. 

After the spackle was dry, I painted it with 3 coats of white paint and then gave it a few more hours to let the paint dry. Waiting is the worst! 

When all was dry and I could move on with my life, I eyeballed the halfway point on the canvas and taped up the half that I wanted to keep white with Painter's tape and newspaper.  I took the canvas outside and spray-painted the uncovered half with gold spray-paint. It took about 10 minutes for the spray-paint to dry and then I went back over any spots that needed a little touch-up. As you can see, I had a few helpers for this step :) . I wanted the painting to have a shiny finish so I varnished only the white half with Varathane Semi-Gloss. I originally varnished the entire canvas but it really dulled the sheen of the gold spray-paint so I had to re-tape and spray-paint over the varnish.

I finished the piece off with a saw-tooth hanger and hung the sucker up.  I decided to put the gold on the bottom but I think either way would look great. I might even hang it sideways if I feel like changing things up in a few months. 

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