Standing Pallet Veggie Garden

So as I pointed out in my Terarrium Tutorial, I can't seem to keep anything but succulents alive when it comes to gardening. Even though I know this, I refuse to accept it. New home, new year and hopefully new results!

When I was a kid, my mom would make a free space in her giant garden that wrapped around the whole yard for me to plant some veggies for the summer. I remember one summer I insisted that we plant spaghetti squash (one of my favourites). I must have planted the entire packet of seeds because the amount of squash we ended up with was inconceivable. We must have had spaghetti squash every night that summer. Anyways, this year I am determined to have gardening success and I'm going to do it with veggies!

I wanted some sort of planter for the deck but didn't want to shell out a ton of cash so I decided I would pull apart a pallet and build one myself. I picked up some pallets from the local pallet store aka, the dumpster area of most businesses. I brought my pallets home and thought to myself, "wouldn't it be great if I could build some sort of shelf in between the slats and just have it standing up?". So onto the inter-web I went to see if anyone had done it successfully, and they had! After seeing a bunch of ideas, I came up with my own spin on things. Here's what I did: With this project, I used: 1 Pallet Hand sander Staple gun 1 roll weed guard fabric Wood stain & rag Wood varnish & foam brush Soil Small plants & veggies

I started by sanding down my pallet with an electric hand sander.

I applied a coat of Minwax stain in Golden Oak and once the stain was dry, I varnished the pallet with Varathane semi-gloss wood finish.

The next thing I did was cut strips of the weed guard. I folded the fabric in between the planks to form a pocket and then stapled them into place using my staple gun. When I was finished stapling, I folded the excess fabric into the pocket and stapled it a few times to keep it in place.

Once I had all of my pockets sorted out, I filled them with soil and got to planting. I put my vine plants on the bottom so the vines would just spill out of the planter when they got too big and grow along the ground.

I tied the planter to the railing behind it with some string to keep it in place. It's been a little over a month now and we've had a few big storms and it hasn't budged.

Here are some of my plants a month later and nothing's dead yet! Winning!

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