Blanket Ladder

I was looking around the Pottery Barn website the other day and found this really great, rustic-looking ladder that was being used to display blankets and I immediately fell in love with it. The only issue, you ask? The price tag, my friends. It was a whopping 250 bucks for 7 pieces of wood...Plus shipping. Here is the link if you want to take a look at my inspiration for this project. I knew for a few dollars, I'd be able to recreate the piece so off to Lowe's I went! ​Here's what I used: 1 - 2"x6"x10' beam (cut in half) 2 - 1"x4' Dowels (each cut in half) ​Hand Sander or sand paper measuring tape 1" spadel bit Wood stain (I used Minwax Dark Walnut) Old rag Wood varnish 8- 3in Wood screws Wood Filler Here's what I did:

Using my circular saw, I cut the 2"x6"x10' beam and 2-1"x 4' dowels into two equal halves.

I ended up with 2 - 2"x6"x5' beams and 4-1"x2' dowels which I sanded lightly, using my hand sander.

**Always sand with the grain of the wood to avoid leaving scratches.**

Measuring where I'd be placing the dowels, I made a little pencil mark at the 6", 22",38" and 54" marks. Each dowel would be 6" from either end of the beams, with 16" in between each rung.

Making sure it was centered horizontally (3" on either side of the drill point), I drilled 1/2 in into the beam at each pencil mark with a 1" spade bit. Once all the holes were drilled, I sanded around the edges using sandpaper.

I decided to stain all of the pieces before assembly to save myself from having to get into tight spaces with the stain.

I applied Minwax wood stain in dark walnut to match most of the wood accents in our home. I applied a generous amount of stain to my wood with an old rag and I only ended up needing one coat to get the look I was going for.

I laid the pieces over a set of ​trestles and let the wood dry a full 24 hours before continuing with the project.

After everything was dry to the touch, I used a 3" screw to pre-drill holes through the center of the 1" holes I'd already drilled into the beams. I then flipped it around and fit the rungs into the pre-drilled 1" holes and screwed them into place.

The next step was to fit the other end of the rungs into the second beam and then drill those into place as well. I countersunk the screws and filled the holes with wood filler.

Once it was dry, I sanded it down and stained over the filler. I finished the piece off with a couple coats of Varathane Spray Finish.

That's it! ​The last step was to find a place to put my new ladder and to pick out a few throws to display. Here's it is in all it's glory, and it cost me just under $20. Yasss!

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