Faux Watercolour Tissue Paper Art

I have a giant blank space in my stairwell and it is literally driving me nuts! I've decided to do something about it. I measured the wall and measured all the spare frames I had laying around and finally decided on a gallery wall. Before I could start hanging anything up, I needed to decide what I was going to hang up in the first place...

I wanted to go with something along the theme of crystals, wood and other elements of nature. I have some framed agate slices hanging in the family room and since our home is open concept, you can see the agate frames from the stairs. I though it would be nice to have some pictures of agate hung up in the stairway to tie everything together. Here's what I used: Mixed sized canvases Tissue paper Scotch tape Printer 1:1 ratio water and white glue or Mod Podge Foam brush Frames Here's what I did:

I carefully folded the tissue paper around the paper and taped it into place. I put the tissue paper in my printer tray and printed the pictured I chose onto the tissue paper side.

Here are some of the photos I picked all printed out onto the tissue paper.

I cut my photo to fit the frame, then I covered the canvas with a 1:1 ratio water and white school glue. (I just poured it into a mason jar and gave it a shake).

After applying the glue mixture with a sponge brush, I laid my picture down and gently patted it onto the canvas. Be careful you don't rub too hard or you may smudge the ink.

With this larger canvas, I cut around the photo since the printed page was not big enough to cover the entire canvas. Then I used the glue mixture over the entire canvas and then covered it with a sheet of blank tissue paper. I personally like the texture it leaves but you could rub most of the bumps out while the glue is still wet if you wanted to.

I added a bit more of the glue mixture to the center of the canvas on top of the tissue paper and then laid the printed picture on top. Again, making sure to pat gently to ensure the ink doesn't run. Let dry completely before framing.

Here are my feather and agate slice photos once dried and framed!

And here's an octopus I made for the family room!

I can't stop, I'll probably keep going all night! I hope you guys like them!

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