Dinosaur Garden

Okay, okay, I know I'm getting a little carried away with pallet projects this year but I can't help myself!

My little ones are big fans of dinosaurs and I wanted to find a fun way for them to be able to play with their dinos while enjoying the beautiful Summer weather we've been having.

I've seen a ton of fairy garden posts floating around lately and I decided to take a stab at a little boy version by making a Dinosaur Garden.

I started with this beautiful specimen of a pallet, pictured above with my little helper. I removed the three middle planks and sanded down the whole thing to make sure the kiddos wouldn't get any splinters.

Using a staple gun, I lined the pallet with weed cover. I made sure to staple the cover to the bottom of the pallet to keep everything in place.

I Filled the lined pallet with three bags of earth and dug a hole in the back to make space for a watering hole for the dinos. They're bound to get thirsty after all.

I covered a Tupperware I could live without with weed cover and duct-taped it on the bottom.

When my watering hole was all ready, I stuck it in the ground and got to planting some succulents around the border. Fortunately I had a bunch left over from my Terrarium Tutorial.

I used a long stick I found to make a bridge for the dinosaurs to get across. I covered the front half of the pallet with sand to make a beach and lined it with different sized rocks and moss I picked up out of the garden to give it a coastal feel.

I planted a hosta and some more succulents in the back corner to make a sort of jungle and put some rocks and small pieces of wood around the watering hole.

Here's the final product! The kids are still playing with it even weeks later, it's been a big hit!

I'm glad I put that bridge in, the triceratops' have been putting it to good use now that the watering hole is full! The Stegosaurus is still trying to figure it out though. In his defense, his brain is the size of a walnut.

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